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Keep Your Dog Cool In the Heat

$24.99 $89.99

This Soft Cooling Gel Pad will surely make your pet's life comfortable when they're sleeping or just lying down!

You will never have to worry about hot and sunny weather because you're confident now that your pets are at ease with this cooling pads.

Grab one now for your lovely pets!

Product Features:

  • has pressure-activated cooling gel that retains pets comfortably, no need to freeze or chill
  • easy to set up and keep. Just even put it in your pet's bed.
  • relieves dogs with joint pain.
  • can be used either for indoor and outdoor because it is lightweight and portable
  • uses safe, non-toxic gel
  • comes with different sizes
    •   XS: 20*30cm
    •   S: 30*40cm
    •   M: 40*50cm
    •   L:50*65cm


Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery


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